Our Services Development

Does your company have a potential greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction project?

Since 1998 the staff at Climate Futures has analyzed and participated in the development of over a hundred projects covering most GHG’s and sectors. Let our team work with yours to assess the potential of your carbon asset and analyze the methodological options. If necessary we can assist with the Project Design Document (PDD) development, the validation process, and all the way through the monitoring, verification, and issuance cycle.

PDDs are standardized according to whether it will be a UN approved CDM project or a VER project for the voluntary market. A Project Design Document (PDD) describes the characteristics of a CDM or VER project including the project design, the GHG abatement technology, the baseline scenario of the project, the applicable baseline methodology, monitoring methodology and plan, estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions, stakeholder consultations, and sustainability attributes.

Sectors and project types which the Climate Futures team has worked with:

  • Renewable Energy: Small-scale Hydropower, Wind Farms, and Biomass/Biogas to Energy, Solar

  • Waste-management: Landfill-gas (LFG) utilization projects, Agriculture Waste to Energy

  • Chemical Industry: N2O Destruction in Nitric Acid Plants, HFC23 Destruction, Energy Efficiency

  • Forestry Industry: Carbon Sequestration and Forest Preservation, Biomass  to Energy

  • Cement/Clinker Production: Alternative Fuels in Kilns, Clinker Additives, Waste-Heat Recovery (WHR)

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-Efficient Lighting, Energy-efficiency in Buildings, Waste-Heat Recovery

  • Energy Production: Fuel-switching, Co-generation, District Heating

  • Coal Production: Coal-mine Methane Utilization (CMM/CMU) Projects

Please contact us to discuss any specific needs or project development services at development@climatefutures.eu.