Our Services Brokerage

Are you a project developer interested in commercializing your carbon credits or a potential buyer looking for that special project?

Climate Futures offers brokerage services for all project types and sizes that can fit your needs. Sellers can access companies and governments that are always seeking carbon credits from quality projects for their compliance and voluntary efforts. Buyers can access clients looking to sell CERs, ERUs, AAUs, and VERs.

Since 2009 Climate Futures has brokered the first and some of the largest New Zealand forestry AAU deals to European clients and we are currently offering some of the first REDD+ VERs for sale in the world. We are innovative, enjoy challenges, and we work with different market structures to secure the best solutions for our clients, including:

  • Spot and Forward Sales
  • Advanced Payment Structures
  • Carbon Finance

Services for Buyers

  • Market intelligence and access to carbon projects globally that fit the profile you need
  • Regulatory knowledge to expedite delivery and transfer of credits
  • Assistance with contract negotiation

Services for Sellers

  • Market intelligence and access to our extensive network of buyers for your carbon credits
  • Risk management  of volatile carbon market prices to protect your future revenue
  • Assistance with credit verification, delivery, and transfer
  • Access to our partners who provide additional services, i.e. insurance, legal assistance, etc.

Please contact us to discuss any specific needs or brokerage services at brokerage@climatefutures.eu.