Sales & Trading Voluntary Markets

Planning to offset your corporate GHG emissions?

If you are considering to invest in voluntary GHG reduction projects, or have a need to purchase voluntary offsets (VERs) from a special type of project, then you have come to the right partner. Climate Futures can provide high quality offsets to our clients from e.g. renewable energy, biomass to energy, and forestry projects from around the world. We are also selling VERs from one of the few REDD+ projects in Africa that will issue VERs in 2012.

Most of our projects use Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) methodologies, but we can also provide Gold Standard offsets and offsets from pre-CDM projects depending on your needs.

Through our global network of staff and partners we can also provide services to assist voluntary carbon project developers with a full project cycle of services such as project due diligence, project development support and sponsorship, as well as VER marketing and sales.

Please contact us at for enquiries on how we can assist you.