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Preparing for the EU ETS Phase 3 and the post-2012 Carbon Market?

The Climate Futures team has worked with the project-based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (CDM and JI) since 1998, before there was a real "carbon market" and before the rules were formalized for the EU ETS. Since then we've participated in the up's and down's of the carbon market and policy developments. Today we operate in three compliance markets (EU, New Zealand, and California) and look forward to at least one more starting in 2015 in Australia.

Compliance markets are statutory ‘cap and trade’ regimes whereby industries which are subject to these regimes must obtain and then ‘retire’ sufficient emission allowances to cover their annual emissions.

Carbon credits generated from CDM/JI projects under the Kyoto Protocol are eligible for the aforementioned compliance markets except for California (currently). For the EU ETS Phase 3 (2013-2020) emitters are eligible to cover a percentage of their emissions with CERs from eligible CDM projects. As the greenhouse gas abatement costs for CDM projects is typically more cost-effective than similar reduction measures in OECD countries, using CERs can and should be part of your corporate emission reduction strategy.

Climate Futures assists our clients with meeting their compliance commitments through CER aggregation and project portfolio development. Our experienced team sources, develops and manages CDM/JI projects through the entire CDM/JI project cycle, from project idea, through validation, registration, verification, issuance of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) and commercialization of carbon credits.

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