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The Inspiration behind our Corporate Logo

Our logo was inspired by the “convergence and contraction” concept and posters that were present at many of the international climate change negotiations that our founder attended after the Kyoto Protocol was agreed in 1997. Developed by the Global Commons Institute in the early 1990s, the Contraction and Convergence strategy consists of reducing overall emissions of greenhouse gases to a safe level (contraction), resulting from every country bringing its emissions per capita to a level which is equal for all countries. It was intended to provide the basis for negotiations of an international agreement with a more stringent target than the Kyoto Protocol. Such action would reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions to avoid dangerous climate change impacts caused by the greenhouse effect. While politically and perhaps even technologically unfeasible at this time, the concept still serves as an elegant reminder of the challenge humanity faces. It also visualizes the unequal use of our global resources by a minority of the people on the planet, and reminds us that many people still face the daily challenge of access to reliable energy and other basic services that our modern lifestyle takes for granted.

Another inspiration is our own “Blue Planet” and the oceans that drive all life on Earth. Growing up in Florida, Jesse Uzzell is an avid sailor, kitesurfer, and scuba diver. This love of the water inspired the blue colors and the hint of a wave into the logo. We encourage everyone to enjoy and protect our oceans and waterways, and to “think globally and act locally” in order to provide a sustainable planet for future generations. Logo creation by artist and designer Veron Ennis.

Our one and only Earth!