About Us Our Vision and Purpose

Bridging the Divisions of the Global Carbon Market

Being a bridge for our clients to European and other markets for their carbon projects is our role and purpose, and only by sharing the benefits and risks with our clients can a long-term and successful commercial relationship be established. This is especially true during these volatile economic times that the world, and the carbon markets, have been experiencing.

However, we believe in the long-term future of the CDM and the carbon markets around the globe; and have committed ourselves to the "post-2012 carbon market", even if the details of the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol is of much uncertainty till today.

We believe that the long-term issues from climate change can only be solved by engaging companies and society, and that the recent environmental and financial success of the CDM mechanism is a tribute to international cooperation that has rarely been seen on such a scale before. CDM and emissions trading has provided a model that will continue to evolve globally in the coming years, and is the platform for engaging the poorest regions of the world through new mechanisms like REDD+ forestry projects. Understanding the future evolution and risks of the carbon market will be the key to prospering from the business opportunities.

With a diverse background and over 20 years of experience in the carbon market, our team is capable of navigating these risks with our clients, and together we are committed to the long-term challenge of creating a more carbon neutral and sustainable society.